Electrical: Electrical Safety Rules To Prevent Electrical Accidents

Published: 02nd September 2008
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Electrical Safety Rules To Prevent Electrical Accidents

Strictly follow electrical safety rules to prevent electrical accidents in this modern world of electricity and appliances. Young children in particular who come in contact with electricity are getting killed every year all over the world. The best way to keep you and your family and friends safe from electricity is to know how electricity works. Electricity always tries to take a shorter route to ground. If some thing that conducts electricity comes in contact, electricity will take that path to ground. Remember a human like you and I are good conductors of electricity. If you come in contact with electricity the result either may be fatal or you may be hurt. Electric shock is unpredictable; it may happen at any time unexpectedly. When a shock occurs, electric current takes the shortest path through the body and the body gets heated up. Burns take place all along the route the current passed through the body. A defective domestic electrical appliance can kill a person, so do not think huge power lines only can kill a person. Water is a very good conductor of electricity. If you are touching water when you come in contact with electricity, it will pass through your body to the ground. Avoid keeping any electrical appliance near water. Also it is very important that your hands should be absolutely dry before you touch any electrical appliance. This is the reason why water should not be used to put off any electrical fire, only multipurpose fire extinguisher must be used and follow electrical safety procedures.

All domestic electrical appliances have protective insulations preventing any direct contact with electricity inside the device. It is very important for you not to damage any insulation in electrical appliances. Trees are also conductors of electricity because of the moisture in it. A tree coming in contact with a power line is dangerous. Anyone touches the tree that is having contact with electrical power line is likely to get shock. If a branch of tree falls on electrical power line it may cause the electricity to go off until it is corrected. If a power line snaps and if any person happen to touch the wire is likely to be killed. Do not go near anything such as trees, metal fence, vehicles etc if a live power line falls on it. It is important to keep a long distance away from snapped power line. Always remember electrical safety rules to prevent electrical accidents at such incidents.

It is very important for you know what to do if electrical shock occurs to somebody. Do not touch a person who has received a shock because there is always a possibility that the person is still touching the source of electricity. If you touch, you are also likely to get a shock and may become a victim. The first thing to do is to turn off the main power switch in the house. Make sure that electricity is stopped before touching the affected person. Do not touch the victim's burns, blisters and also do not attempt to remove the burned clothing. The shock may cause burns inside the body. It is always advisable to follow the electrical safety rules and avoid electrical accidents.

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